Fireman, Save My Child (1932): Lloyd Bacon’s Comedy, Starring Joe E. Brown

Lloyd Bacon directed Fireman, Save My Child, a Pre-Code comedy starring Joe E. Brown at the height of his popularity.

It was produced by the First National and released by their parent Warner Brothers.

This was the third version of the story, previously shot in the silent era in 1918 and by Paramount in 1927; it would be remade in 1954.

Joe E. Brown – Smokey Joe Grant
Evalyn Knapp – Sally Toby
Lilian Bond – June Farnum
Guy Kibbee – Pop Devlin
Richard Carle – Dan Toby
George MacFarlane – St. Louis Fire Chief
Frank Shellenback – Pitcher
Virginia Sale – Miss Gallop
Curtis Benton – Radio Announcer
George Meeker – Stevens
George Ernest – Mascot for St. Louis Team
Ben Hendricks, Jr. – Larkin
Walter Walker – Mr. Platt
Dickie Moore – Herbie, Mascot’s Pal
Junior Coghlan – Mascot’s Pal


Directed by Lloyd Bacon
Written by Ray Enright, Robert Lord, Arthur Caesar

Cinematography: Sol Polito
Edited by George Marks
Production company: First National Pictures
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date: February 20, 1932
Running time: 67 minutes


TCM showed this comedy on March 11, 2020.