Family Commitments: Romantic Comedy about Arab-Jewish Gay Couple (LGBTQ, Gay)

In this German romantic comedy, Family Commitments, national identity, family dysfunction and an unexpected pregnancy complicate the planned nuptials of an Arab-Jewish gay couple

David and boyfriend Khaled (Maximilian von Pufendorf and Omar El-Saeidi) are ready to shatter one of the last great taboos of middle-class Germany society: a same-sex marriage between a Jew and a Muslim.

Having dated for two years and deeply in love, they feel the time is ripe to tie the knot. Nothing could stand in their way it seems, except for their parents: David’s overbearing mother (Maren Kroymann), and Khaled’s homophobic father (Ramin Yazdani).

Moreover, an old acquaintance (Franziska Brandmeier) turns up out of the blue, claiming to be pregnant with David’s baby. As the plot thickens, relationships are stretched to the breaking point by deceit, obfuscations and the struggles of the family business.

The directorial debut of Hanno Olderdissen, Family Commitments blends screwball comedy with elegant production design, goofy soundtrack, resulting in a film boasting multicultural worldview.



Running time: 88 minutes