Falcon’s Brother, The (1942): Stanley Logan’s Crimer in Popular Film Series, Starring George Sanders

George Sanders, who had been portraying “The Falcon” in a film series, appears In The Falcon’s Brother with real-life brother Tom Conway, who would play the new Falcon in 9 future films.

The only chapter to feature two Falcons, The Falcon’s Brother was directed by Stanley Logan, and sees Jane Randolph in a supporting role.

George Sanders plays sleuth Gay Lawrence, known as “The Falcon,” who with his assistant “Lefty” (Don Barclay) arrive at dockside to meet a Latin American cruise ship. On board is Lawrence’s brother, Tom (Tom Conway) who is pronounced dead, a victim of suicide by inspector Timothy Donovan (Cliff Clark).

Diane Medford (Gwili Andre), Tom’s shipboard companion offers sympathy, but Lawrence has Lefty tail her, knowing that the body was not his brother.
Tracking Diane to a fashion show at the salon of employer Madame Arlette (Charlotte Wynters), Diane is greeted by fiancé, fashion editor Paul Harrington (James Newill). Two other passengers, Latin American dancers Carmela (Amanda Varela) and Valdez (George J. Lewis) are there. Reporter Marcia Brooks (Jane Randolph) recognizes the Falcon.

When a shot is fired, and Diane falls dead, the Falcon runs into the alley and encounters his brother, Tom. Inspector Donovan arrives and arrests Lefty while the Falcon is run down by a speeding car. Tom takes his unconscious brother to his flat, where Marcia seeks information about the murder. Lefty is released with a suspended sentence, and learns that his boss will recover. Marcia informs Tom that the murder weapon is missing, prompting Tom to return to Arlette’s salon.

Tom informs her that the police have gun from the murder scene and are tracing its serial number. Arlette phones the police and discloses Tom’s location. Tom and Lefty search Arlette’s, and find the missing gun hidden in a mannequin. Donovan tracks them down, and when Tom introduces himself, the inspector arrests him for false impersonation, believing Tom Lawrence is dead.

Released  on November 6, 1942, The Falcon’s Brother was moderately successful at the box-office.

Running time: 63 Minutes