Escapes: Almereyda Docu of Hampton Fancher, Scribe of Blade Runner

Grasshopper Film bought U.S. distribution rights to Michael Almereyda’s Hampton Fancher documentary Escapes, executive produced by Wes Anderson.

Escapes will open in theaters this summer followed by a VOD and home video release in the fall.

Fancher is best known as producer and screenwriter of the cult sci-fi movie Blade Runner, as well as screenwriter on the upcoming sequel Blade Runner 2049.

The sequel, starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, opens October 6.

Fancher wrote the Blade Runner script with David Peoples for the 1982 original, adapted from the Philip Dick story “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” and directed by Ridley Scott.

He teamed with Michael Green for Blade Runner 2049,directed by Denis Villeneuve.

The documentary includes archival footage as Fancher describes romantic misadventures, two brief marriages, and acts of jealousy, chivalry, and friendship.

“It’s difficult to describe the thrill I experienced while watching ‘Escapes,’ a wild ride through a particular corner of Hollywood in the mid-to-late 20th century with the incomparable Hampton Fancher as guide,” said Grasshopper Film president Ryan Krivoshey. “Michael has achieved something truly extraordinary with this film – both entertaining and innovative in form –  and we are extremely excited to be releasing it.”

Escapes screened as a work in progress in the San Francisco International Film Fest, the Viennale in Austria, and the Rotterdam International Film Fest.

“‘Escapes deals with the connections between art and life,” said Almereyda. “We tried to capture the spirit of duende that Hampton invokes – and measures himself by – and defines as ‘anything that wants to live beyond its limits, that is expressive and crazy.’ I’m very pleased that Grasshopper has embraced the film, as they have a habit of supporting work that fits this description.”

Fancher played a feral zombie in The Brain Eaters and appeared in two Delmer Daves features starring Troy Donahue.

Fancher also wrote the screenplay for The Mighty Quinn and wrote and directed The Minus Man.