Emmanuelle: Sex Franchise Continues

Leading French-American exhibitor, producer and distributor Alain Siritzky made history close to 40 years ago when he decided that he  wanted to finance and organize the production of a French film titled  Emmanuelle. 

The film proceeded to revolutionize the film industry worldwide during the 1970’s on through the present. Now, Siritzky is making history again with The New Emmanuelle, a prequel to the  legendary Emmanuelle franchise.

Siritzky is  also developing and negotiating key partnerships on an
innovative new reality show which will follow the yearlong worldwide search for the new  Emmanuelle.  The American Idol-esque show will allow young women everywhere between the ages of 18-25  the opportunity to compete for the honor of becoming the 2010 incarnation of the mythical woman who captured the hearts and imagination of the world for an eternity.    

The new  Emmanuelle, who will earn a one million dollar contract to be and
represent the Emmanuelle brand for four years, will be announced during Cannes Film Festival 2010 and the film will begin shooting shortly thereafter.

While preserving the eroticism of Emmanuelle, The New Emmanuelle is geared to appeal to younger audience as it tells the fanciful story of a young woman’s journey into adulthood.  A modern coming of age story, The New Emmanuelle follows a beautiful and somewhat naive Emmanuelle who after switching identities with a wealthy young woman, goes from serving coffee in Los Angeles to traveling the skies with the very rich and powerful young adults of the world. Emmanuelle is a fish out of water but quickly  blends in experiencing the more sensual side of life.  

Full of  surprises the revolutionary film will be shot in 3D to enhance th
e intimate experience of the audience and will introduce a first of its kind 700 foot long state-of-art blimp that promotes a green lifestyle. The creation of  a renowned designer, the awe-inspiring airship travels the world from New York to Rio to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and finally to Paris, France.

“I am thrilled to announce our plans to produce The New Emmanuell
e during Cannes 2009,” said Siritzky, who originally acquired the  audio/visual rights to the popular erotic novel by Emmanuelle Arsan in the  early 1970′s and subsequently all rights in 2008 including the highly sought  after merchandising rights. “Emmanuelle and I have grown together over the years and have accomplished so much. But now I am thrilled to say that was only the beginning.”

“There is a  need for a responsible and honest film that addresses many relevant topics  that young adults as well as mature adults are faced with of late,” continued Siritsky who is thoroughly enjoying the process of blending the iconic Emmanuelle with her younger innocent self concerned with modern
issues ranging  from sexual choices to the environment. “It may surprise some that Emmanuelle is the modern messenger of such important issue but it truly is fitting as though much has changed from when the original was released, the foundation of Emmanuelle has not… which is that Emmanuelle is
more than a character or a novel or film.  Emmanuelle is a way of  life that celebrates women.  It is beautiful, stylish, feminine, thought-provoking and powerful, as all women are created.  This message  is one that is important now more than ever to instill in women everywhere and  of all ages.”

Siritzky intends to broaden the Emmanuelle brand and signature attitude in all mediums including more new and exciting filmed entertainment as well as merchandising and services such as perfume, make-up, clothing, champagne, food, travel and lingerie… that reflect the allure of Emmanuelle and
include all things synonymous with beauty and luxury.