Elvis: Manolo Blahnik’s Design in Luhrmann’s Upcoming Biopic

Shoes for Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ Biopic

The timeless designs of Manolo Blahnik’s sleek, handmade men’s footwear made suitable choice for displaying his work on the big screen.

Blahnik has partnered with award-winning costume designer Catherine Martin to create a shoe catalog that portrays the complex anatomy of Elvis Presley’s aesthetic in Elvis, the new biopic from director Baz Luhrmann.

The designer’s handcrafted footwear silhouettes — set to reflect the nostalgic elements of the 1950s era — will be seen throughout the film on Elvis Presley (played by Austin Butler) and also on Jerry Schilling (played by actor Luke Bracey), who portrays the artist’s longtime associate.

“Coincidentally, Manolo Blahnik’s signature spectator lace-ups are strikingly similar to the shoes Elvis habitually wore in the mid-1950s,” Martin said in a statement. “The iconic designer’s love of this style serendipitously reflected Elvis’s aesthetic in the 1950s.”

Martin turned to the designer for additions to Elvis’ flashy sequined jumpsuits, but she relies on the signature aesthetic of the Blahnik shoe to add a certain touch to his eccentric stage attire.

Blahnik says he has a personal affinity for the era: “The 1950s  is an era that I am so often drawn to, particularly in my menswear designs, with some of my past and more recent collections inspiring the pieces for the film.”

Some of these classic styles have been heavily influenced by silhouettes available at Manolo Blahnik boutiques worldwide. The silhouettes seen throughout the film include the Victor, Tupelo, Graceland and Cramer.