El Super (1979): Cuban Immigrants Tale

Filmed in the U.S,. but acted in Spanish, El Super is a socially relevant tale of Cuban exiles in New York.

The refugees arrive in Manhattan in the brutal winter, and thus reside in a barely heated basement apartment.

“El Super” is the building superintendent Reymundo, Hidalgo-Gato, a Cuban expatriate of ten years, who feels out of place in the city, yet he has little in common with the newly arrived countrymen. H is what sociologists refer to as marginal man, living on the periphery of society.

Hidalgo-Gato’s star turn contributed to the movie’s cult appeal, as did that of Elizabeth Pena.  Immigrant and exiles can relate to the trials and tribulations of the film’s homesick figures, caught in a no-win situation.

Running time: 90 min.

Directed by Fernando Alijaroand Felipe del Río

Written by Manuel Arce and Leon Ichaso