East Lynne (1931): Frank Lloyd’s Oscar-Nominated Victorian Melodrama, Starring Ann Harding

The gifted actress Ann Harding stars in Frank Lloyd’s Victorian melodrama as a woman, who is deserted by her husband and lover, and then goes blind.

A woman’s picture, “East Lynne” was popular with audiences, though as a star vehicle, it didn’t do much for Harding.

Harding is still best known for the first screen version of Philip Barry’s “Holiday,” which was remade with even greater success in 1938 by George Cukor with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant in the leads.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Best Picture (Fox), produced by Winfield Sheehan (head of Fox)

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context

The Best Picture Oscar went to the Western, “Cimarron.  The three other nominees were: “The Front Page,” “Skippy,” and “Trader Horn.”

Norman Taurog won the Director Oscar for “Skippy”; Lionel Barrymore the Actor Oscar for “A Free Soul”; Marie Dressler the Actress Oscar for “Min and Bill”; Floyd Crosby the Cinematography Oscar for “Tabu.”