East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem: Music Documentary from Israel

The Other Israel Film Festival will screen the music documentary “EAST JERUSALEM, WEST JERUSALEM,” which follows legendary Israeli singer-songwriter and peace activist David Broza on his mission to build camaraderie and bridges through music in the culturally divided war zone.

Broza’s belief in the power of music to heal inspired his latest album, “EAST JERUSALEM/ WEST JERUSALEM,” which he recorded in collaboration with local Israeli and Palestinian musicians at a studio in the predominantly Palestinian populated East Jerusalem.  The album, which lends its name to the film, was produced by American singer-songwriter-activist Steve Earle and Grammy winner Steve Greenberg and features a range of guests—including Wyclef Jean,ý Israeli musicians Gadi Seri, Yossi Sassi (from the renowned band Orphaned Land), and (from the popular band Hadag Nachash) Shaanan Street; Palestinian hip-hop  duo G-Town; and Palestinian-Israeli singer Mira Awad.

The film recently played to sold out audiences and critical acclaim at The Woodstock Film Festival, and has already sold out both showings for the NYC premiere at the Other Israel Film Festival.  Broza will be appearing for a special performance and conversation after the screenings along with acclaimed, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Steve Earle, and Palestinian singer, actor, and activist, Mira Awad, who participated in the film.


Israeli superstar and multi-platinum artist David Broza has been considered one of the most dynamic and vibrant performers in the singer/songwriter world. His charismatic and energetic performances have brought to worldwide audiences, a fusion of the three different countries in which he was raised: Israel, Spain, and England, filling concert halls with his famous guitar playing, ranging from flamenco flavored rhythmic and percussion techniques, to whirlwind finger picking, to a signature rock and roll sound. Broza unites the three worlds by utilizing his ability to take on the troubadour tradition, up to now, featuring lyrics of the worlds’ greatest poets. More than a singer/songwriter, David Broza is also well known for his commitment and dedication to several humanitarian causes, predominantly, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 2009 Broza was awarded the Spanish royal Medal of Honor by King Juan Carlos I for his longtime work to promote tolerance and his contributions to Israel-Spain relations.