Dr. No: Bond and his Women

There are four significant female roles in the first Bond picture, “Dr. No.

Miss Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell)

Moneypenny, a woman in her 30s, is M’s curious, sometimes nosy, secretary. She is appealing but not stunningly beautiful, but it’s her upbeat personality and flirtatious nature that make her special. She enjoys an extremely friendly relationship with Bond, and she makes no secrets that she would like to have more than just professional association with him (This becomes clear in the second film, “From Russia With Love”).

Aware of their relationship, M admonishes both of them for wasting the agency’s valuable time.

Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress)

The first Bond girl, played by the sexy Austrian actress, Ursula Anders, is named Honey Ryder. The daughter of a marine biologist, who was murdered by Dr. No. When first introduced, she emerges in tight white bikini out of the water, with a big shell in her hand. Upon meeting Bond, she tells him of her haunting past, how she was sexually assaulted by her former landlord, and how she too revenge on him by placing a female black spider in his bed, so that he would expire slowly. “They’re the worst,” Honey says, “It took him a whole week to die.

Strong and independent, by standards of women’s image of the early 1960s, she possesses useful knowledge of Crab Key, which helps Bond in fulfilling his mission.

Captured with Bond, she is later removed from his company and chained. Dr. No has her staked out by a sluice gate, who says he hope “she finds the guards amusing,” whatever that means.

Sylvia Rench (Eunice Gayson)
Sylvia Rench has two or three scenes, but crucial ones. In the first, she plays cards with Bond at the club, and after introducing herself, causes Bond to utter his famous first line, “Bond, James Bond.” Early one, we only see Connery’s head and back, and then hands, as he plays cards. This delayed introduction increases the element of suspense and viewers’ curiosity about his face. And voice.

Later on, she surprises Bond by turning on in his London apartment, when he opens the door. Wearing just a long white blouse and high heels, while practicing golf, French is disappointed when Bond tells her he has to leave immediately, or rather “almost” immediately, when she throws herself in his arms, whispering, “just when things were getting interesting..

Miss Taro (Zena Marshall)
Dr. No’s spy in Government House, who inadvertently reveals too much by ineptly listening at the door, while Bond meets with the Principal Colonial Secretary. She invites Bond to her home in the mountains, while informing the three blind mice. When Bond arrives, she tries to distract him long enough for the assassin to arrive. Bond collaborates, then arranges for her arrest, and waits in her apartment for the killer to show up.