Down Argentine Way (1940): Oscar-Nominated Musical, Starring Betty Grable

In the Oscar-nominated musical, Down Argentine Way, made by Fox, Don Ameche stars as Ricardo Quintana, the charming son of an Argentine horse breeder (Henry Stephenson).

Betty Grable plays a vacationing American heiress Glenda Crawford, who collects horses as a hobby. Separated by a family feud, Ricardo and Glenda go through a series of predictable misunderstandings before ending up together.

Shot on location, Down Argentine Way served to introduce Brazilian star Carmen Miranda, performing a variety of numbers with her band.

Grable in Down Argentine Way (1940)


The Nicholas Brothers also perform some dance numbers.

The movie was nominated for three Oscar Awards.

Running time: 90 minutes.

Directed by Irving Cummings

Written by Darrell Ware and Karl Tunberg

DVD: June 13, 2006