Double Man, The (1967): Franklin (Patton) Schaffner’s Spy Film, Starring Yul Brynner and Brit Ekland

Franklin Schaffner directed The Double Man, a British spy film whose plot is loosely based on Henry S. Maxfield‘s acclaimed 1958 novel, Legacy of a Spy.

The film stars Yul Brynner as CIA agent Dan Slater, who’s investigating his son’s presumably fatal “accident.”

As expected, gradually, he realizes that something else is going on, and in the process he discovers that the Russians plan to put another agent who looks like him in place.

Brynner’s charismatic appearance and exotic looks, and the taut direction of Schaffner, who in 1970 would make the Oscar winner Patton, elevates the plot above the routine.

Much of the action takes place in the Austrian Alps, which contributes to the movie’s visual atmosphere.


Yul Brynner as Dan Slater/Kalmar
Britt Ekland as Gina
Clive Revill as Frank Wheatley
Anton Diffring as Berthold
Moira Lister as Mrs. Carrington
Lloyd Nolan as Edwards
George Mikell as Max
Brandon Brady as Gregori
Julia Arnall as Anna
David Bauer as Miller
Ronald Radd as General
Kenneth J. Warren as Police Chief
David Healy as Halstead
Carl Jaffe as Police Surgeon
Douglas Muir as Wilfred


Release date: April 25, 1967

Running time: 105 minutes.