Don Murray: Unsung Hero–Don Malcolm’s Docu of Oscar Nominated Actor

Don Malcolm’s new documentary DON MURRAY: UNSUNG HERO shines a light on Don Murray’s magnificent and mysterious career.

Don Murray claims a screen career spanning back to the early 1950s, which includes an Oscar-nominated role (in the Supporting Category) opposite Marilyn Monroe (BUS STOP).

Throughout his career, Murray has demonstrated commitment to social service on and off screen, and played roles that other actors weren’t willing to risk — a drug addict in Fred Zinnemann’s HATFUL OF RAIN, a closeted gay senator in Otto Preminger’s ADVISE AND CONSENT.

He broke out as an independent actor-producer with THE HOODLUM PRIEST in 1961, but found his vision for similar projects thwarted by the changes that swept over Hollywood and America in the 1960s.

Director-Screenwriter-Producer: Don Malcolm


Running time: 109 minutes