Disappointments Room: Haunted House Horror Movie, Starring Kate Beckinsale

The Disappointments Room, Relativity Media’s first release since the studio emerged from bankruptcy protection in April, continued to flounder.

After debuting last weekend to an weak $1.4 million, it plunged 71%, eking out $400,000 and pushing its gross to $2.2 million.

The horror film about a house’s haunted past stars Kate Beckinsale and cost roughly $15 million to produce.

Its release was frequently delayed as Relativity’s financial problems worsened.

At one point, the studio estimated that The Disappointments Room would earn over $50 million, a figure that factors in estimated home entertainment revenue along with theatrical grosses.

Its failure is bad news for Relativity, which still faces questions about its long-term viability. The studio has been trying to come up with a plan to service its debts and raise more working capital.

It has announced plans to remake “High Noon” and will back “Hunter Killer,” an action film with Gerard Butler.

Relativity has other films hitting theaters this year, including the comedy “Masterminds” and the thriller “Kidnapped.”