Dick and Jack: Fathers and Sons–Kennedys and Nixons

A look at the power fathers have over their sons–Joe Kennedy with Jack Kennedy and Frank Nixon with Dick Kennedy–is the basis of Dick and Jack, a film from first time director John Ransom Phillips.

The film will premiere at Cinema Village on September 30.

Dick and Jack, a dramedy of five characters: Dick, Jack, Frank, Joe and the White House Barber, explores a father-son dynamic through the relationships of Presidents John Kennedy and Richard Nixon with their fathers Joe and Frank.
The action takes place prior to JFK’s election in 1960 while Nixon is Vice President.
A major theme of the script observes the contrasts between who we are and how we are perceived conflicting with our individual humanity and emerging political selves.
The story travels through a series of precarious interactions between different pairings of sons and fathers. As we scrutinize these four unique lives with a caring but very sharp lens, we discover how their distinct personalities come together in shaping America.
John Ransom Phillips, a Montclair NJ-based artist and writer, directs the film.  He graduated from the University of Chicago (Ph.D. in History of Culture). He has taught there, Reed College, and The University of California, Berkley. His paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally including shows in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Cairo.  He is the author of several plays, including Eve & Adam, Will & Teddy, Fatherless Sons, Mrs. President, and Mommy.
Running time: 90 minutes