Diary of a Mad Housewife (1970): Carrie Snodgress Oscar Performance

Universal (Frank Perry Films)


Frank Perry’s potentially interesting but flatly executed melodrama centers on a harried New York housewife, married to a jerk of a husband (Richard Benjamin), which drives her into an affair with a presumably sensitive writer (Frank Langella), who turns out to be just as self-centered and a jerk as her husband.


The script was penned by Frank’s wife, Eleanor Perry, who adapted Sue Kaufman’s much more successful satirical novel.


Some feminist critics liked the film, but over all the reaction was negative and the movie failed.  Even so, Snodgress deserved the acclaim and Oscar nomination she received.


Oscar Nominations: 1


Actress: Carrie Snodgress


Oscar Awards: None


Oscar Context


The winner of the Best Actress was Glenda Jackson for “Women in Love,” in a race that also included Jane Alexander in “The Great White Hope,” Ali MacGraw in “Love Story,” Sarah Miles in “Ryan’s Daughter.”