Desert Fury: Film Noir in Color, Starring Lancaster, Mary Astor, and Lizabeth Scott

Lewis Allen’s Desert Fury, a film noir in color, is adapted from the novel by Ramona Stewart.

Set in a Nevada gambling town, it centers on the misadventures of Paula Haller (Lizabeth Scott), the rebellious daughter of gambling-house proprietress Fritzie Haller (Mary Astor), who’s determined that Paula will not grow up as a “shady lady.”

John Hodiak plays crooked gambler Eddie Bendix, who tries to exploit Paula’s fascination with him for his own gain.

Lancaster plays the lawman, Tom Hanson (Burt Lancaster), who rescues the heroine from the machinations of Bendix and his partner, Johnny Ryan (Wendell Corey).



Running time: 95 Minutes.

Directed by Lewis Allen.