Deluge, The: Poland’s Oscar Nominee

Set during the 17th-century Polish-Swedish war and based on a novel by Henrik Sienkiewicz, The Deluge follows the romance between a violent soldier and the young woman who tries to tame him. Directed by Jerzy Hoffman, The Deluge was nominated for the 1974 Best Foreign language Picture.

Oscar Context

The winner was the popular favorites, Amarcord by Fellini.

Running time: 300 Minutes.

Directed By: Jerzy Hoffman

DVD: May 18, 2004


Wladyslaw Hancza as Prince Janusz Radziwill

Tadeusz Lomnicki as Michal Wolodyjowski

Daniel Olbrychski as Kmicic

Leszek Teleszynski as Prince Boguslaw Radziwi…

Leszek Herdegen as Sakowicz

Malgorzata Braunek as Olenka