Dad (1989): Family Melodrama Starring Jack Lemmon and Ted Danson

Universal (Amblin production)

William Wharton’s novel is adapted to the screen and directed by Gary David Goldberg, better known as the creator of TV’s “Family Ties.”
A three generational melodrama, this sentimental and manipulative film centers on the troubled relationship between Ted Danson and his dying father, played by Jack Lemmon.
When his father suffers from a heart attack, the guilty son Danson goes home to visit him and make up for past neglect. Meanwhile, Danson the father is estranged from his own teenage son, played by the young and gifted Ethan Hawke, right after scoring in “Dead Poets Society.”
Major female role of Danson’s mother is played by Olympia Dukakis.
The film contains some poignant and emotional moments, but, by and large, it feels like a TV movie of the week with A-caliber talent.
Oscar Nominations: 1
Makeup: Dick Smith, Ken Diaz, Greg Nelson
Oscar Context
The winners were Manlio Rocchetti, Lynn Barber, and Kevin Haney for “Driving Miss Daisy,” which also won Best Picture and Best Actress for Jessica Tandy.
Dick Smith had won the Oscar (with Paul LeBlanc) for the makeup of Amadeus, which swept most of the Oscars in 1984, including Best Picture.