Corpus Christi: Poland’s Oscar Nominated Feature

Directed by Jan Komasa and written by Mateusz Pacewicz, the Polish drama Corpus Christi world-premiered at the 2019 Venice Film Fest, in the Venice Days section.

At Venice Days, the film won the Europa Cinemas Label Award and the Edipo Re Inclusion Award.

It was also selected as the Polish entry for the 2020 Best International Feature Oscar, making one of the five final nominations.

Inspired by real events, he tale centers on Daniel, a man who goes through spiritual awakening while serving his sentence in a youth detention center for second degree murder.  But his criminal background prevents him from becoming a priest once he is released.

After leaving the detention center, he is mistakenly taken as a priest and  consequently pretends to be a priest, begins to provide sacramental ministry in a small parish.


Bartosz Bielenia as Daniel
Aleksandra Konieczna as Lidia the sexton
Eliza Rycembel as Marta
Leszek Lichota as the Mayor
Łukasz Simlat as Father Tomasz
Tomasz Ziętek as Pinczer
Barbara Kurzaj as the Widow