Container (2006): Lukas Moodyson Experimental Surrealist Meditation

Lukas Moodysson, arguably Sweden’s most innovative directo, made Container, an experimental, avant-garde provocative film, which premiered at the 2006 Berlin Film Fest.

Unfolding as a surrealistic dreamscape, Container offers a sharp critique of contemporary society, inviting viewers into a strange mindset by way of a stream of consciousness mode of storytelling.

Replete with intriguing ideas and images, the director provokes viewers to choose between what’s “relevant” and what’s “irrelevant,” instead of working with a more conventional narrative.

Shot in grainy, high-contrast black-and-white, the film follows an obese man as he carries an Asian woman through a garbage-filled landscape.

Meanwhile, an American actress (Jena Malone) narrates a series of free-association thoughts and voices a number of characters on the soundtrack, making all kinds of observations with references to pop culture, spirituality, and consumerism.

Running time: 74 Minutes

MPAA Rating: Unrated