Collector, The (1965): William Wyler Directs his Last Oscar-Nominated Feature


William Wyler won the last of his twelve Oscar nominations for The Collector, from a screenplay by Stanley Ann and John Kohn, based on the famous, creepy novel by John Fowles, which was written from two points of view.
Terence Stamps plays a young London bank clerk whose “hobby” is to collects butterflies. When he wins a fortune in a sports pool, he stalks in a girl (Samantha Eggar), captures her, and keeps her locked in a cellar.
The ensuing tale depicts the changing dynamics of their relationship, with some unpredictable details.
The villain, a dangerous sociopath, is more likeable than his victims, perhaps because he is played with such charisma by the handsome Terence stamp.
Despite the subject matter and Stamp’s scary obsession, the movie is sporadically intriguing, but bears no significant psychological weight.
Oscar Nominations: 3
Actress: Samantha Eggar
Director: William Wyler
Screenplay (Adapted): Stanley Mann and John Kohn
Oscar Awards: None
Oscar Context
The winner of the Best Actress Oscar was another Brit, Julie Christie, for “Darling.”
William Wyler lost the Director Oscar to Robert Wie, who won for the musical “The Sound of Music.”
The Adapted Screenplay Oscar went to Robert Bolt for David Lean’s “Doctor Zhivago.”