Club de femmes (1936): Jacques Deval’s French Film Starring Danielle Darrieux (Lesbian)

A hotel for women-only and catering to mostly working girls is the setting of Jacques Deval’s Club de femmes, a controversial French film starring Danielle Darrieux.

Though it did not get the PCA seal-of-approval, this French film played at New York City’s 55th Playhouse.

Darrieux plays Claire Derouve, the girl who sneaks her lover into her no-men-allowed room.

Other characters include a young and passionate lady who chooses another young lady as the object of her affections; the blindly-misguided director of the hotel, another lady of real easy virtue; and a girl who is only there as a procurer for a slavery ring.

Club de femmes is a.k.a. Girls’ Club or Women’s Club.

Danielle Darrieux as Claire Derouve
Josette Day as Juliette
Betty Stockfeld as Greta Kremmer
Else Argal as Alice Hermin
Georgette as Carol Royce
Ève Francis as Mme. Fargeton, Hotel Director
Junie Astor as Helene
Valentine Tessier as Dr. Gabrielle Aubry