Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: Popular Hit

Sep 26, 2009–On Friday moviegoers flocked to see Sony’s 3-D animation “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,” spending an estimated $5.6 million at 3,119 locales.  In eight days, the movie grossed about $41 million. “Meatballs” enjoyed a hold on the number one spot, dipping just 31% from last Friday.
Released by Disney, Bruce Willis sci-fi actioner “Surrogates” was close behind in second with $5 million off 2,951. However, matinees should give “Meatballs” the edge throughout the weekend for the top box office spot.
MGM’s reboot of “Fame,” which was panned by most critics, made $3.55 million in third off 3,096.  A co-production with United Artists and Lakeshore, “Fame” was made rather cheaply, $18 million, so despite negtaive response, should recoup its negative cost.
Warner’s Matt Damon timely comedy, “The Informant!” directed by Soderbergh, followed with $2.1 million off 2,505, repping a 44% decline in its second Friday. Through eight days, the picture’s domestic box-office is $16.1 million.