Turin Horse: Bela Tarr’s Last Film

Cinema Guild has picked up U.S. rights to Bela Tarr’s latest, “The Turin Horse,” for theatrical release this winter.

Based on the apocryphal story of Friedrich Nietzsche’s reaction to seeing a horse beaten by a carriage driver on the street, the film bowed in February at the Berlin Film Festival, where the it won the Jury Grand Prix, the Silver Bear.

The Hungarian filmmaker Tarr (“Satantango,” “Damnation,” “Werckmeister Harmonies”) has said “Turin Horse” will be his final film.

The U.S. distribution deal was pacted by the Cinema Guild’s Ryan Krivoshey with Films Boutique’s Jean-Christophe Simon.

“The Turin Horse” joins a Cinema Guild slate that also includes Romanian picture “Aurora” and two docus, “The Interuptors” and “The Woman with Five Elephants.”