Cimarron (1960): Oscar-Nominated Remake Starring Glenn Ford and Maria Schell

This inferior remake of the 1930 Oscar winner “Cimarron” is directed by Anthony Mann, known for helming many good Westerns (see below).

Glenn Ford, then at the prime of his career, takes over Richard Dix’s role and the graceful Maria Schell the Irene Dunne’s part in a Western tale, based on Edna Ferber (who also wrote “Giant”) sprawling novel.
The epic saga of a frontier family, “Cimarron” starts with the Oklahoma Land Rush in 1889, when the Cravet family builds their newspaper Oklahoma Wigwam into a business empire.
Glenn Ford plays Yancey Cravet, the adventurer-idealist who, to his wife’s anger, spurns the opportunity to become governor (because it would deprive the indians of their land and oil).
Big budget and some good production values cannot conceal the fact that the movie is dull and drags on.
Anthony Mann’s other Westerns, especialy those starring Jimmy Stewart, such as “Winchester 73” and “The Naked Spur,” are superior.  Despite dismissive reviews, the movie, marketed as family entertainment, was extremely popular at the box-office.
The ensemble includes Anne Baxter, Arthur O’Connell, Russ Tamblyn, Mercedes McCambridge, and Vic Morrow.
Oscar Nominations: 2
Art Direction-Set Decoration (color): George W. Davis and Addison Hehr;
Henry Grace, Hugh Hunt, and Otto Sigel
Sound: Franklin E. Milton (MGM Sound Department)
Oscar Award: None
Oscar Context:
The winner of the Art Direction Oscar was “Spartacus,” directed by Stanley Kubrick. The Sound award went to John Wayne’s “The Alamo.”