Charlie Victor Romeo (2014): Psychological Techno Thriller

CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO began as award-winning play based entirely on the black box transcripts of six real-life airline emergencies, inspiring the Wall Street Journal to describe as “the most frightening show I have ever seen.”

A psychological techno thriller shot in 3D, the movie allows the audience into the tension-filled cockpits of actual flights in distress.

The film offers fascinating portrait of the psychology of crisis and a testament to the ability to live to the last second. What is going on behind that door in the front of the airplane? Who are these people to whom we trust our lives? What do they really do when things go horribly wrong? The audience has the best seats in the house.

It is a collaboration between Collective: Unconscious, the arts organization that originally staged the play, and 3-Legged Dog, where the film was shot in 3D as part of its 3LD/3D+ residency program. Watching the film is a peculiar spiritual experience and both emotionally and intellectually unsettling.  Its aesthetic strategy is outstanding in its simplicity and impact.

About Robert Berger

Robert Berger is a founding member of the Collective: Unconscious (C:U) performance space in NYC and has served as Technical Director and New Media Director. Berger worked for CNN in New York as a Studio Engineer and Field Cameraman before leaving to pursue a Master’s Degree in Interactive Telecommunications at NYU. He now works developing/deploying robotic systems to migrate the content locked on magnetic tape based media to archive quality digital files. These systems are used by libraries and archives to insure the preservation and access of our audio/visual heritage.

Patrick Daniels (screenwriter, director, actor, producer)

Patrick Daniels has been performing, directing, and producing theater in NYC since 1994 with Collective: Unconscious and other performance groups, including East River Commedia, and the Institute For Aesthetic Modulation. He has performed and directed at P.S. 122, HERE Arts, Theater for the New City, the Knitting Factory and Charas El/Bohio. Daniels curated an outdoor film and video screening for The 1997 NYC Fringe Festival. Daniels received a BFA in Theater Arts from SUNY Purchase College.