Chameleon Street (1990): Wendell Harris’ Sundance Film Fest Winner

Set in Detroit and based on a true story, Wendell B. Harris’ original serio-comedy Chameleon Street revolves around Doug, a young, handsome black man who is an imposter.

The source material is the real-life story of William Douglas Street, who apparently had a brief but successful career as an imposter in the 1970s and 1980s.

In his first, impressive feature, which he also wrote, Harris shows that the obsessive compulsion to adopt alien personalities is a more complex phenomenon than the simple need to please.

Chameleon Street won the best film at the Dramatic Competition of the 1990 Sundance Film Fest.

Distributed by Northern Arts, it was released in April 1990. Despite good reviews, it only grossed $235,000 at the box-office.