Cezanne et Moi: Friendship of Two Masters

CÉZANNE ET MOI, written and directed by Daniele Thompson, presents a bold, elegant portrait of two major French masters, who went on to achieving international recognition for their respective fields

Vet writer Thompson is known for the Oscar nominated comedy, COUSIN, COUSINE, and QUEEN MARGOT, as well as writing and directing AVENUE MONTAIGNE.

The French painter Paul Cézanne is played by Guillaume Gallienne, YVES SAINT LAURENT) and the writer Émile Zola by Guillaume Canet (TELL NO ONE).

This fictionalized account of one of the greatest friendships in cultural history, Magnolia Pictures will open the film in New York and Los Angeles on April 7 with a national rollout to follow.

CÉZANNE ET MOI traces the parallel paths of the lives and careers of post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne and novelist Émile Zola, from school pals in Aix-en-Provence to working artists in Paris, while exploring their fears and ambitions. Through a slew of flashbacks, we see the two grow up to share a mutual love of art and beautiful women. Zola, who was fatherless and poor, dreams of becoming a writer and eventually joins the very bourgeoisie he mocked in his youth.

Cézanne, who came from a wealthy background, wound up rejecting society to focus entirely on his work, which was only recognized at the very end of his life.