Center of My World (2017): Erwa’s Queer Love Story from Germany (Gay Cinema)

Jakob M. Erwa‘s Center of My World, a German coming-of-age romantic drama, is based on the 1998 bestselling novel The Center of the World by Andreas Steinhöfel.

When Phil returns home from summer camp, he finds that his mother and twin sister aren’t speaking to one another.

Unwilling to confront his family during the last of the summer holidays, Phil escapes to hang out with his best friend. As the school year begins, a new student arrives, the handsome and mysterious Nicholas.  Infatuated, Phil is thrilled when Nicholas returns his feelings.

The film is unrated due to full frontal nudity.

Writer-Director: Jakob M. Erwa

Running time: 115 min.

Distributor: M-Appeal

Country: Germany-Austria

German with English subtitles

Rating: NR (Full frontal nudity)


Louis Hofmann, Sabine Timoteo, Ada Philine Stappenbeck, Jannik Schümann Based on the Novel: The Center of My World by Andreas Steinhöfel