Cecil B. Demented: John Waters Comedy–Cast, Score


Melanie Griffith as Honey Whitlock

Stephen Dorff as Sinclair/Cecil B. Demented, the director (Otto Preminger)

Alicia Witt as Cherish, the actress (Andy Warhol)

Adrian Grenier as Lyle, the actor (Herschell Gordon Lewis)

Mink Stole as Mrs. Sylvia Mallory

Ricki Lake as Libby, Honey’s publicist

Larry Gilliard, Jr. as Lewis, the art director (David Lynch)

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Raven, the makeup artist (Kenneth Anger)

Jack Noseworthy as Rodney, the hair stylist (Pedro Almodóvar)

Mike Shannon as Petie, the driver (Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

Eric M. Barry as Fidget, the costume designer (William Castle)

Zenzele Uzoma as Chardonnay, the sound artist (Spike Lee)

Erika Lynn Rupli as Pam, the cinematographer (Sam Peckinpah)

Harriet Dodge as Dinah, the producer (Sam Fuller)

Patricia Hearst as Fidget’s mother

Channing Wilroy as Shop steward

Kevin Nealon as himself

Roseanne Barr as herself

Jeffrey Wei as William the heart patient

Rosemary Knower as Sinclair/Cecil’s mother

Doug Roberts as Sinclair/Cecil’s father

Eric Roberts as Honey’s ex-husband

John Waters (uncredited) as Reporter


The soundtrack of John Waters’ comedy “Cecil B. Demented” was released on August 8, 2000 by RCA Records.

  1. “Opening Credit Theme” – Moby
  2. “Nice Tranquil Thumbs in Mouth” – The Locust
  3. “Bankable Bitch” – DJ Class and Teflon the Bull
  4. “Upstart” – Meatjack
  5. “Everyday” – Substance D
  6. “No Budget” – DJ Class and Mayo
  7. “Broadway Brouhaha”
  8. “Loopy” – XXXBombshell
  9. “An Extra Piece of Dead Meat” – The Locust
  10. “Demented Forever” – Karen McMillan
  11. “Seduction” – The Sex-o-Rama Band
  12. “Ciao!” – Liberace
  13. “Cow” – Jerome Dillon