Cat’s Play (aka Catsplay) (1974): Hungary’s Oscar Nominee

This intimate, low-key but affecting Hungarian movie deals with love and heartbreak among the elderly.

Nominated for the 1974 Best Foreign Film Oscar Cat’s Play tells the story of two elderly unmarried sisters.

The younger sister, a singing teacher, has remained in Hungary, and the older one lives in West Germany.

Despite many requests from her older sister, the teacher remains in Hungary, partly due to her love for a retired opera singer.

The two siblings exchange letters, and through flashbacks we get glimpses of their childhood.

When the younger sister discovers that the opera singer has a new friend, she takes badly the rejection.

The movie was a follow-up to the director’s internationally acclaimed feature, Love.

Makk draws emotionally compelling performances from his talented female leads.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Best Foreign Language Film

Oscar Context:

The winner was Fellini’s Amarcord.


Running time: 115 Minutes.

Directed by Károly Makk.

Written by: Károly Makk, Janos Toth, based on the Novel: István Örkény

Music: Péter Eötvös

Cinematography: János Tóth

Margit Dajka, Ildikó Piros, Elma Bulla, Éva Dombrádi, Mari Töröcsik, Margit Dajka, Samu Balázs, Gyöngyi Bürös, Attila Tyll, Sári Kürthy, Tibor Szilágyi, Erzsi Orsolya

Critical Status:
The movie played in competition at the Cannes Film Festival.