Cast a Dark Shadow (1955): Lewis Gilbert’s British Film Noir, Starring Dirk Bogarde

TCM showed the movie on September 14, 2020

Lewis Gilbert directed Cast a Dark Shadow a British film noir suspense mystery.

Based on the play Murder Mistaken by Janet Green, the story concerns a young wife-murderer, played by Dirk Bogarde.

After a year of marriage, Edward “Teddy” Bare (Bogarde) kills his wealthy older wife, Monica (Mona Washbourne), when she asks her lawyer Phillip Mortimer (Robert Flemyng) to change her will. He stages it to look as if she was accidentally asphyxiated while drunk.

He then discovers that she actually intended to leave him all her money, but now he only inherits the mansion from a prior will, while the money is left in trust to her only relative, her sister Dora. Edward knows that will receive the money if Dora dies.

Dirk Bogarde as Edward “Teddy” Bare
Margaret Lockwood as Freda Jeffries
Kay Walsh as Charlotte Young
Kathleen Harrison as Emmie, the Bares’ servant
Robert Flemyng as Phillip Mortimer
Mona Washbourne as Monica Bare