Cartel Land: Director Heineman on his Oscar-Nominated Docu

The Oscar-nominated documentary Cartel Land examines the drug wars and the hold that the cartels have in Mexican towns and villages.

The film’s director, Matthew Heineman, told Variety that he wishes “there was a silver bullet, but I don’t think there is.”

“The elephant in the room in all of this is America’s voracious appetite for drugs,” he said. “Stopping the border is something we have tried to do for decades. The cartel will always find a way to ship drugs northward. They are using all different means of doing so. They are still doing the old school way of walking across the border with backpacks. They have tunnels. They have submarines. They have aircraft. The drugs will always find their way northward. Similarly, guns will always find their way south as well as the money that is reaped from selling all these drugs. This cycle of supply and demand, I don’t see stopping any time soon.”