Carrie (1952): William Wyler’s Romanic Melodrama Starring Jennifer Jones

In William Wyler’s melodrama, set at the turn of the century Chicago and based on Theodore Dreiser’s famous novel, “Sister Carrie,” a wealthy restauranteur (well played by Laurence Olivier) falls for a naïve provincial girl (Jennifer Jones).

Later on, Carrie goes up the ladder, becoming a successful actress, while he goes down, turning into a pathetic loser.

Fearing that the public might think it’s a movie about a nun, Paramount’s executives changed the title to “Carrie.”  However, divisive critical response might have contributed to the movie’ commercial failure.

Oscar Nominations: 2

Art Direction-Set Decoration (b/w): Hal Pereira and Roland Anderson; Emile Kuri

Costume Design (b/w): Edith Head

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

Minnelli’s black-and-white inside-Hollywood melodrama won the Art Direction and Costume Design (Helen Rose).