Captain’s Paradise: Starring Alec Guinness

In this British comedy, Alec Guinness plays Capt. Henry St. James (Alec Guinness), who, as he stands before a firing squad, recalls the curious chain of events that brought him to his fate. Henry is a ship’s captain ferrying a steamer between Gibraltar and North Africa.

He has a wife on each side of the water. In Gibraltar, there’s Maude (Celia Johnson), a housewife who keeps the house tidy and has dinner ready when Henry likes it. In North Africa, there’s Nita (Yvonne DeCarlo), a sultry fun seeker who likes night life

Chief Officer Ricco (Charles Goldner) openly envies Henry’s romantic situation. But things start to go sour when Maude suddenly decides she wants to start living it up, while Nita becomes a homebody and begins learning to cook.

Directed By: Anthony Kimmins.

Oscar Nominations:

Motion Picture Story: Alec Coppel

Oscar Context:

The Oscar went to Dalton Trumbo for “Roman Holiday,” who while blacklisted used the front of Ian McLellan Hunter.