Capone: Oscar Nominee Tom Hardy as Notorious Gangster Al Capone

The first trailer for biographical crime drama Capone was released online Wednesday, starring Tom Hardy as gangster Al Capone.

Josh Trank, who directed the film, posted the trailer to his Twitter account with a note that it will be released May 12.

Trank also wrote in the post, “Different title. My cut.” It was previously titled Fonzo. 

The trailer indicates that the film is based on true events and shows off Hardy, almost unrecognizable, in the title role as “America’s most notorious gangster.”

A voiceover asks, “You know what the difference is between Adolph Hitler and Al Capone? Hitler’s dead. Capone was like a king in Florida.” Later, the trailer explores whether his dementia was an “elaborate act” to hide “a very large sum of money.”

Linda Cardellini stars as Mae Capone, with Kyle MacLachlan as Karlock and Matt Dillon as Johnny.