German Doctor, The: Argentinean Lucia Puenzo’s Chronicle of Nazi Mengele, the Angel of Death

World-premiering in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2013 Cannes Film Fest, and serving as Argentina’s official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, The German Doctor marks the third feature from filmmaker and novelist Lucia Puenzo.

Puenzo’s screenplay for the film is based on her novel, Wakolda, in which she combines historical facts and fiction to create a fascinating  chronicle of one of the most monstrous criminals of World War II–Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death,” who spent years “hiding.”

Set in Patagonia, in 1960, the tale centers on a German doctor (Alex Brendemühl), who ingratiates himself with an Argentinean family headed to a picturesque small town to start a  new life.

Eva (Natalia Oreiro), Enzo (Diego Peretti) and their three children welcome the doctor into their tranquil home, who in turn befriends the youngest  daughter Lilith (newcomer Florencia Bado).

But, a sense of foreboding evolves as the doctor’s true intentions surface and the family becomes divided over issues of trust/mistrust of this mysterious stranger.

Meanwhile, Israeli secret agents are desperately eager to bring the German doctor to justice.


Spanish and German with English subtitles.

Rated PG-13

Written and Directed by Lucía Puenzo.

Adapted from the novel Wakolda by Lucía Puenzo.

Cinematography by Nicolás Puenzo.


Alex Brendemühl

Natalia Oreiro

Diego Peretti

Elena Roger

Guillermo Pfening