In the Fade: Fatih Akin Returns to Cannes Fest with Revenge Drama

Fatih Akin’s new drama In The Fade is one of the last features to be shown in competition at the 2017 Cannes Film Fest.

The film has been sold worldwide by The Match Factory.

A timely film, In The Fade stars Diane Kruger in her first full-on German-language role.

Kruger plays a woman whose life falls apart when her husband Nuri and little son Rocco are killed in a bomb attack by a neo-Nazi group. Unable to cope with the grief and feeling of injustice, she sets off to avenge her family by her own means.

In The Fade marks Akin’s return to Cannes after ten years. He was last at the festival with The Edge of Heaven, which won best screenplay.

Akin considers the feature, “a really personal film,” explaining: “For me, it was not about the perspective of a murder, but the victim. My empathy is obviously with them, with this feeling of grief with all its facing.”

He elaborates: “I’m interested in the idea of revenge–does it really exist? Who would revenge? Would I be in the position to take revenge?”

Speaking at Kering’s Women in Motion program, Kruger said she was moved by In the Fade because it’s “about grief, justice, and how we go on with life.”

“We become so accustomed to these terrible attacks, but you rarely hear about the story of the people that are left behind and how they continue to live with this feeling of injustice,” Kruger said.