Wrong Elements (2016): Jonathan Littel’s Docu, Set in the Congo and Central African Republic

“Wrong Elements” (Jonathan Littell, U.S.)

A documentary from U.S. filmmaker Littell, produced out of France, Belgium and Germany, Wrong Elements is set in the Congo and Central African Republic.

The tale follows soldiers through jungle as they attempt to flush out the last remaining supporters of Jonathan Kony’s once powerful Lord’s Resistance Army, accused of the deaths of 100,000 of people and abduction of 60,000 children.

A young rebel named Kony, who claims to be visited by spirits, forms a movement against the central power: the LRA, The Lord’s Resistance Army. The “army” grew by kidnapping teenagers – more than 60 000 over 25 years – of which less than half came out of the bush alive. Geofrey, Nighty and Michael, a group of friends, were among these teenagers,

Today, in their effort to rebuild their lives and go back to normality, they revisit the places that marked their stolen childhood. Both victims and murderers, witnesses and perpetrators of horrific acts that they don’t fully understand, they are the wrong elements which society struggles to accept.

Meanwhile, the Ugandan army continues to hunt down the scattered rebels left of the LRA. But Kony is still out there, on the run.