Sandcastle: First Film from Singapore in Critics Week

Sandcastle is the first Singaporean film to be officially invited to participate in the Cannes Critics’ Week since its inception in 1962.

The film tells the coming-of-age story of 18-year-old En. Just prior to En’s mandatory enlistment into the Singaporean army, a series of events and disclosures threatens to alter his world view forever. The taste of his first romance, the death of his grandfather, his grandmother’s worsening Alzheimer’s disease, his schoolteacher mother’s affair with an uptight military commander, and En’s newfound awareness of his late father’s student activist past all contribute to his decision to reevaluate the pieces of his life before they are erased by the tides of time.

Director Boo Junfeng is one of the most promising young Singaporean filmmakers currently making films. Since 2005, his short films have won numerous awards around the world. For Sandcastle, he has teamed with executive producer Eric Khoo, the acclaimed director eho has helmed 12 STOREYS, BE WITH ME, and MY MAGIC.

Sandcastle and the 26-year-old Boo Junfeng were recipients of the Singapore Film Commissions’ prestigious New Feature Film Fund, launched in 2008 by the Singapore Film Commission to support emerging talent there.