Canadian Bacon (1995): Michael Moore’s Misfire

In 1995, Michael Moore directed “Canadian Bacon,” a scattered social satire about a fictional U.S. president (played by Alan Alda), who engineers a fake war with Canada to boost his popularity. 


Several potential enemies for America’s next great campaign are discussed by the president and cabinet, in a scene strongly influenced by Kubrick’ “Dr. Strangelove.”  The President comments that declaring war on Canada was as ridiculous as declaring war on international terrorism.  His military adviser (Rip Torn) rebuffs this idea, saying that no one would care about “a bunch of guys driving around blowing up rent-a-cars”.


Moore’s only non-docu film, “Canadian Bacon” is a misfire, an unfunny satire that was dismissed by most critics and failed miserably at the box–office.   It became known as the last movie starring Canadian-born actor John Candy; there are cameos by other Canadian actors.