Caddyshack: Anniversary Edition of Cult Movie, Starring Bill Murray and Chevy Chase

Warner Home Video (WHV) is bringing back “the shack” on June 8, 2010 on Blu-ray DiscTM, in time for Father’s Day. You can tour the grounds of the exclusive Bushwood Country Club, as the screen’s most notorious gopher chews its way onto stunning Blu-ray for the first time.

The story revolves around a man who is out to start World War III–against a gopher. Pompous Judge Smalls plays to win but his nubile niece Lacey Underall wants to score her own way. Playboy Ty Webb shoots perfect golf by becoming the ball. And country club loudmouth Al Czervik just doubled a $20,000 bet on a 10-foot putt. Insanity? No. Caddyshack.

Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray and Ted Knight tee off for a round of fairway foolishness that does for golf what National Lampoon’s Animal House did for fraternities and Police Academy did for law enforcement. With Harold Ramis directing, the virtuoso skills of all four blend into a riotous hole-in-one for comedy fans.

30 years ago, the game of golf was redefined when Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray and Ted Knight took to the fairways of Bushwood Country Club. When Caddyshack hits Blu-ray, fans will see the riotous hole-in-one comedy like never before. The fairways will be greener. The golf balls whiter. The gopher…err…fuzzier.

he Blu-ray will contain an all-ew, feature-length Bio documentary, Caddyshack: The Inside Story (90 min), which includes new interviews with producers and stars about the making of Caddyshack. The Blu-ray will also include all of the special features from the original standard definition version: Caddyshack: The 19th Hole (37 min), a retrospective documentary featuring hilarious outtakes, rare footage and interviews with stars Chevy Chase and Cindy Morgan, producers Jon Peters and Mark Canton, and director Harold Ramis, along with other cast and creative team members recalling their on-set experiences; and the theatrical trailer.

The standard definition DVD has been updated with new 5.1 audio and contains special features: Caddyshack: The 19th Hole and the theatrical trailer. The film will also be available day and date on Video on Demand from cable and satellite providers and for electronic download from online retailers.

Among AFI’s Top 100 for “Funniest and Best Quotes” and Top 10 for “Best Sports Movies,” the inspiration for the madcap milieu of Caddyshack is the boyhood experiences of writer Brian Doyle-Murray and his kid brother Bill Murray. Brian was a caddy at Indian Hills, outside Chicago, and Bill was an assistant groundskeeper for the Evanston Country Club in Indiana.

Relive the epic battle of the snobs versus the slobs and get closer than ever to the unique cast, starring 1980s “Saturday Night Live” favorites Chevy Chase and Bill Murray:

* Chevy Chase as playboy Ty Webb, the club’s resident Romeo and zen golfer who practices uncanny trick shots from daybreak ‘til dark, but never plays against anyone.


  • Bill Murray as the insane groundskeeper Carl, who dressed in a battered old hat, soiled T-shirt and filthy fatigues from some long-ago war, wanders the Bushwood fairways pursuing a mischievous gopher with a fire hose, a sniperscope and a cache of high explosives.
  • * Ted Knight as Judge Smails, the arrogant stuffed shirt who runs Bushwood like a feudal fiefdom.
  • * Rodney Dangerfield as Al Czervik, the nouveau riche land-developer who gate-crashes the snooty country club – armed with an arsenal of grandiose golf gear, including a putter outfitted with a Norden bombsight. The film helped boost Rodney Dangerfield’s film career.
  • * Cindy Morgan as Lacey Underall, makes her film debut as Judge Smail’s provocative niece, whose upper-crust charm pops up to toasty perfection the instant anyone pushes her button.
Running Time Time: 99 Minutes
MPAA Rating: R