Cactus Flower (1969): Comedy Starring Ingrid Bergman and Goldie Hawn in her Oscar-Winning Role

Columbia (Frankovich productions)

Based on a French farce, adapted to the screen b y I.A. L. Diamond, “Cactus Flower” was first a Broadway play starring Lauren Bacall. When it was made into a Hollywood movie, the role went to a more bankable star, Ingrid Bergman.
Walter Matthau stars as an exec who persuades his secretary (Ingrid Bergman) to pose as his wife, so that he does not have to wed his cute but cooky mistress (Goldie Hawn), who’s trying to push him into marriage.
Mildly amusing, harmlessly bourgeois comedy offers some laughs and star power, but it is poorly directed by Gene Saks, who’s a theater person; the movie is still a play.
Oscar Nominations: 1
Supporting Actress: Goldie Hawn
Oscar Awards: 1
Supporting Actress
Oscar Context
In 1969, Goldie Hawn won the Supporting Actress Oscar in a contest that included Sylvia Miles in “Midnight Cowboy,” Cathy Burns in “Last Summer,” Dyan Cannon in “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,” and Susannah York in “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”