Breaker Morant (1980): Superb Oscar-Nominated Australian Court Drama

Based on a sharply written play by Kenneth G. Ross, this award-winner drama concerns three soldiers whose actions during the Boer War are used as political fodder to please the political ambitions of the British Empire

Set during the Boer War, this superb Australian court-martial drama put director Bruce Beresford at the forefront of international directors.

Produced in association with the Australian Film Commission, Breaker Morant won several Australian Oscars.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Screenplay (Adapted): Jonathan Hardy, David Stevens, and Bruce Beresford

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context

In 1980, Ordinary People swept most of the important Oscars, including Best Picture, Director, and Screenplay (Alvin Sargent).

Running time: 107 Minutes