Boyhood (2014): Patterns of Release, Commercial Success

Like other Richard Linklater movies, Boyhood world premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Fest–to great critical acclaim.

Boyhood premiered theatrically on July 11, 2014, in a limited release in four theaters in North America and grossed $387,618, with an average of $77,524 per theater.

The film expanded the next week to 34 theaters and grossed $1.2 million, with an average of $34,418 per theater.

The film’s wide release occurred on August 15, opening in 771 theaters and grossing $2 million, with an average of $2,584 per theater and ranking number 11.

The film’s widest release in the U.S. was 775 theaters.

Commercially, the film was more successful in the US than abroad–some foreign critics deemed it “too American” to achieve greater universal appeal.  It ultimately earned $25.4 million domestically and $21 million internationally for a total of $46.4 million, against a $4 million production budget.