Bordering on Treason: Woman’s Journey to Iraq

The documentary Bordering on Treason tells the story of Lorna Tychostup, a single mother and photojournalist who travels to Iraq continuously for nine years on a mission to “bring back the face of the Iraqi people” to the American public.

Visiting military units and Iraqi families beyond the green zone, she evolves from naïve civilian to established journalist. Lorna returns with images of ordinary Iraqis she hopes will sway people against the invasion.

Lrona’s controversial journey is challenged in a live television broadcast as FOX News lambastes her efforts as “villainous and bordering on treason” and accuses her of “aiding and abetting the enemy… on the brink of war.”

Through Lorna’s personal journey, Bordering On Treason explores the complexities of this war and the possibility of hope.

Premiering at DOC NYC 2013, Bordering on Treason was awarded Best Short Documentary 2013 at the Big Apple Film Festival.