Bond Series: Black Actresses of the James Bond Franchise

During the Black Women of Bond Tribute Tuesday night at the California African American Museum, actresses of the “007” series shared their opinions about who should be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig.

Naomi Harris, who is in Skyfall and Spectre, said that she doesn’t particularly care for the conversation at all.

“I don’t like the way that the conversation is framed,” said Harris. “Whether or not we want this person to be black, do we want this person to be this ethnicity, blond hair or whatever — these are irrelevant questions. What we should be focusing on is the character that we want for the part.”

She noted, “Bond is all about sexual magnetism, capability in the field, his intellect and that’s what we want for Bond regardless of who they are.”

Five Black Actresses in 53 Years

Former Bond girl Gloria Hendry said that the “007” franchise still had room to further diversify since it’s featured five black actresses over the course of its 53 years in cinema.

“That’s not a good thing, for only five of us to have been a part of Bond,” said the “Live and Let Die” actress.

At one time there were plans for a spinoff featuring Halle Berry’s Jinx character from “Die Another Day.” Hendry said she’d be in favor of a female Bond — played by Berry. “I think that would be very interesting and I’ll play her henchman!”

Hendry also said that she can see British actors David Oyelowo and Idris Elba slip into the tuxedo as well.

Trina Parks: First Black Woman in Bond Film

Trina Parks, the first black woman to appear in the “007” franchise, concurred with Hendry’s Elba suggestion.

“I think he’d be great,” she stated. “He’s a wonderful actor in all that he’s done.”