Bomba and the Jungle Girl (1952): Ford Beebe’s Adventure, Starring Johnny Sheffield

The eighth film (of 12) in the Bomba, the Jungle Boy film series, Bomba and the Jungle Girl was directed by Ford Beebe, starring Johnny Sheffield.

Grade: B- (** 1/2 out of *****)

Bomba and the Jungle Girl
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In this origins story, Bomba decides to find out who his parents were. He starts with Cody Casson’s diary and follows the trail to a native village.

A blind woman tells him that his parents, along the village’s true ruler, were murdered by the current chieftain and his daughter.

With the aid of an inspector and his daughter, Bomba battles the usurpers in the cave where his parents were buried.

Simple and naive in a likable manner, this modest B-level adventure, shot in black-and-white, was popular among boys and their families.

Johnny Sheffield
Karen Sharpe
Walter Sande
Suzette Harbin
Martin Wilkins
Morris Buchanan
Leonard Mudie
Don Blackman


Directed, written by Ford Beebe
Produced by Walter Mirisch and Edward Morey Jr.
Written by Ford Beebe
Production company: Monogram Pictures

Release date: 1952

Running time: 70 minutes


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