Blood and Wine: Rafelson-Nicholson

Wine merchant Alex Gates seems to have it all: a fancy shop, a beautiful wife, Suzanne, a sexy Latin mistress, Gabriella, and a hot car. He enjoys the best vintages of the goods he sells.

But Alex’ s finances are stretched to the limit, his marriage is in a shambles and his relationship with his stepson Jason is poor, to say the least

Alex’s business caters to a wealthy clientele, whose riches prove all too seductive: particularly a certain $1 million diamond necklace.

Alex joins forces with Victor Spanksy, an emphysemic safe-cracker, in a conspiracy to steal the necklace. Rather than the key to their freedom, the hot necklace proves to be the beginning of the end. While Alex is seduced by the jewels, his stepson is both sucked into the crime and drawn to Gabriella, unaware of her liaisons with his stepfather. As their passion grows, she is increasingly torn by the two of them, and by the temptations of money and love.


Bob Rafelson, George Bud Davis.

Bob Rafelson, Nick Villiers, Alison Cross.